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A successful software development project requires agreement by all parties involved. We start by meeting with you and the other stakeholders to garner the goals for your project. We follow a design and development methodology that keeps you and your managers involved and in control of the software process.

We request that you define a point person at your organization that is responsible for the project and the communications between our companies. In turn, there is a single person at the Frith Group with primary responsibility for the project and communicating with you. This solidifies the relationship by limiting the opportunity for miscommunication or mixed messages.

We will interview the project stakeholders to understand how they perform their tasks now and how the system should support their goals. Stakeholders are not just managers, but anyone who requires direct or indirect use of the system including end-users.

The project is broken up into individual deliverable iterations. After the planning phase we will identify milestones so that you can see the progress of your project by examining working software. There are no surprises at the end of the project regarding how the completed system looks and operates.

We conduct a postmortem on all projects to determine its best and worst aspects. We ask probing questions to determine how satisfied you were with how the project progressed: Could we have done something more to increase your satisfaction; what should have been done differently; what was done well? We expect that our future engagements with you will improve as a result of this dialog.

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